Monday, September 14, 2009

succulent terrarium

After having talked about my dream of creating a terrarium for a few years now, I finally made one! I was finally pushed over the edge by Sprout Home Terrarium How-To video tutorial on design*sponge and the gorgeous little fish tank  from the second hand store up the road that D surprised me with last week!

It was really my love of moss that started the terrarium dream. Warning: gratuitous moss shot to follow.


The second inspiration for the terrarium was this book that I purchased from an op shop about two years ago.


The book teased me with photographs of exquisite, Victorian-era and 70s-style terrariums.


And when D came home with the perfect terrarium vessel, I could not resist any longer. So here is the finished product!


From the top.


I am so infatuated with my terrarium. I could sit for hours and watch it on my window sill!